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Thanks everyone for the happy birthdays! Ima gettin' olllllld!

Check out some sweet arts!
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Hey guys,

Check out the Realm of Fantasy dev group. There are some really great works in there.

And I've been featured!…

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  • Reading: The Art of Looking Sideways
Hi everyone,

Thank you for your kind words and stopping by to check out my work.

I really appreciate the support!


My Blog:
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Here's some great inspiration: &nbs… Power … Nguyen  &… Tsutsumi
  • Listening to: Yann Tiersen
  • Reading: The Art of Looking Sideways
I'm so excited for Avatar it's not even funny.
I just picked up a great book. It's James Gurney's Imaginative Realism. The man is a hard worker who is very organized and creative in solving problems to produce his illustrations.

Also, two great books Understanding Comics and How to Make Comics by Scott McCloud. I just recently reread Understanding Comics and it blew my mind now that I can understand more of it. It's not only helpful for making comics, but making art in general.

That's another thing I realize as life goes on, you can go back and read text books from college that you really didn't have time for or you just plain didn't understand and see things so much more clearly. I'm glad I held onto them.
I was tired of seeing the old journal entry so I decided to write a new one.

I really  enjoy sketching. I think that to be happy with making art for a living I need to make art much more like how I sketch rather than attempt to make something polished and machined. I do not enjoy spending a lot of much time to plan an artwork, but I love the outcome of it I stick it through, and it somehow feels like how art should be. But unfortunately, it only feels good when I do it very quickly and without a second thought.

What to do? I guess.. nothing. I just keep doing what I do... 98% of what I do is quick ugly sketches, and the 2% is awesome polished work. So... I must become really good at sketching, so that it looks finished. Will it work? Only time will tell.
So, I'm having a bit of a problem with using photo reference. It's a great tool for making an idea come to vivid life, but I rarely find the photo I need nor am I capable of finding the exact type of model I need for the idea I have in my head.

Now, some people will use photo reference and do not make many changes/decisions from it and some will just try and do it from their heads. I have a bad habit of giving up on trying to find the right photo reference and just kinda piece it together from whatever I can find. Or I'll just try and make it up altogether, which always ends up looking kind of off.

I guess I'm trying to figure out whether to compromise my initial idea and let the photo reference I find be more in control of the final outcome. Maybe I should be trying to be more creative with the reference I find rather than try to make it conform to my initial idea.

What do you guys do with photo reference? Is it important to go with your idea or just ease up and be more open to what a photo can add to your work? Is it just a pride thing or is it something more important, like an artistic decision over a general(stock photo) idea?

Check out this very inspiring artist.

I enjoy how he combines scientific illustration with fine art.… Joseph… Huen &… Rhodes … Neilson  Joy Ang… Rhodes… Willumsen… Park

These are the folks making me sleepless at night, now you can question your abilities too.... enjoy!…

This website is awesome for inspiration. It's a real treat to be able to listen to my favorite artists interviewed by some pretty cool dudes. One of the great things is that the interviewers, Dwight and Swain, are so chill they make everyone really relaxed which makes for some pretty candid conversations.

Take a listen, you'll probably be able to find one of your faves in there.

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I'm working on my own comic story for the first time since college... Wooo hoo!

I'm scripting it out and have been doing character designs and sketches for it, but nothing worth showing just yet. I'm planning on releasing it in 4 parts. It ends up being around 24-26 pages right now, but that could all change.

The premise is about a boy playing with his action figures. His toys are all mismatched and broken, making for a pretty interesting mix of characters.

It's an exercise for me to not only create some imagery that I really want to draw, but to help teach myself how to just relax and have fun with the comic format. And really, toys were part of the whole reason I got into art. What child didn't play with toys and create weird realities in his/her head? It was our escape from boredom and possibly annoying older siblings :P
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That's all I'm up to these days on the side.
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As of January 5th, I will be starting a new job as a concept artist for Rockstar New England in Andover, MA. I'll also be moving to Boston. Life is pretty crazy.

After pursuing a career in comics since I was 12, and working professionally for about 2 years, I've decided to pursue illustration. I suppose it's what I've always wanted to do.

I'm quite excited to see what happens. All I can say is that I'll be painting a helluva lot more now and designing. Going to be interesting to see what happens.

One thing I can say, I think I found a new favorite artist. His work blows my mind, and really has a lot of the qualities I want to develop.

And also, in promoting the vast wealth of knowledge that is James Gurney, here is his site too.
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James Gurney: Genius

Tue Jun 24, 2008, 10:16 AM

So full of information for artists of any kind. From technique, to color theory, to ways of observing the world, James Gurney is amazingly generous to just give away this information.


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Hittin' the Road

Thu Jun 12, 2008, 10:52 AM
Should be interesting

I've been drawing comics for almost two years now and I've been feeling burned out for awhile. As of July 4th, I'm leaving Chicago and heading back West. Starting in LA, living with my best friend and looking for work in the concept art field. Then up to San Francisco, and then back up North to Seattle, if I don't find any jobs that will pay the bills in California.

I set out to make comics and I did, but I've known for awhile it's not the only thing I want to do. Ideally, I want to jump around doing different types of art so I can learn more techniques and learn how to incorporate what I've learned into everything that I do. I'm definitely not done drawing comics, that is for sure. I just want to make comics the way I want to and either with a writer I like or write them myself. I don't think I'll be able to make a living from comics, but who knows...

Drawing licensed books for Devil's Due was a great experience. It taught me many things and I'm thankful for it. And I enjoyed working with the folks there, really cool people.

Thanks to everyone who checks out my work and journal! You guys rock!


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I've been drawing GI Joe now for about a year and a half and it's just about done for me! It's been my only professional art job so far.

Now I'm slated to work on the latest series of Voltron. I just started reading the series to get more knowledge of what I'll be dealing with and I'm pretty darn excited for it.

After hundreds of pages of drawing butt-chinned men with guns shooting at each other, getting to draw giant robots in space and monsters w/ a slight anime flare is a welcome delight. AND since I love variety, it's great to know that it's only 5 issues. Sooooo with that in mind, I really get the chance to try some new things and see how it works for a few issues.

Jean-Francois Beaulieu will be joining me as well. I'm really excited to see what happens.

Also, if anyone is interested in buying GI Joe art, check this out... it's not totally up to date, but if you want to buy any pages not listed, just contact me.…

And I'm also available for commissions.  Not sure what my rates are... but they're reasonable.
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I've been reading this blog for awhile now and I found it to be a really great source of inspiration. The creator of the blog, David Apatoff, writes about many great known and unknown illustrators of the 20th century. It really is a very informative blog

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Hey everybody!

I will be at the Devil's Due booth at the Wizard World Chicago Comic-con. So stop on by for sketches and to buy GI Joe comics because I know you want some of that JOE action.

Also, issue 26 of GI Joe goes on sale in a week, check it out! It's a fun issue, very beautifully colored and has lots of ninja action. Can't go wrong with that.

Here is a preview!…

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I don't know if any of you have ever read Wizard, but yesterday I was notified that they published a two page article about GI Joe for their "Book of the Month" section.

It was pretty cool news for me and the folks here at Devil's Due. I used to read Wizard pretty religously as a kid, and now I have some artwork (and was even mentioned) in one of their articles...

So yeah, happy day.

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